Issue Two Contributors

Randi Ward is a writer, translator, lyricist and photographer from West Virginia. She earned her MA in Cultural Studies from the University of the Faroe Islands and is a recipient of The American-Scandinavian Foundation’s Nadia Christensen Prize. Ward is a Pushcart Prize nominee whose work has appeared in AsymptoteBeloit Poetry JournalCimarron ReviewAnthology of Appalachian WritersVencil: Anthology of Contemporary Faroese Literature and other publications. For more information, please visit:

Chris Campanioni has worked as a journalist, model, and actor, and he currently teaches literature and creative writing at the City University of New York. His writing has also appeared in the Star-Ledger, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Bergen Record, the Herald News, The Brooklyn Rail, StatORec, La Pluma y La Tinta, theNewerYork, Vending Machine Press, and Fjords Review. He was awarded the Academy of American Poets Prize at Lincoln Center in 2013, and his novel, Going Down, was recently selected as Best Debut Novel for the approaching International Latino Book Awards. It was also named by the New York Post as a “must-read book” and one of the best books of the year by the Latina Book Club.

Erica Guo is currently a sophomore. Her main inspirations include Wanda Coleman, Chicana poetry, and cat photography. She has received recognition in the 2014 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Cortney Lamar Charlestonis an emerging poet from the Chicago suburbs, but currently living in Jersey City, NJ. He is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania and its premier performance poetry collective, The Excelano Project. His poetry has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Bird’s Thumb, Gravel, Kinfolks Quarterly, Linden Avenue, Lunch Ticket, The Missing Slate and Specter.

Mícheál McCannis a seventeen year old student from Derry, Northern Ireland, who writes things down sometimes. He is an English student, and hopes to go on to study English Literature at university. Although only starting out trying to get his own material in circulation, fingers crossed it’ll become a more regular occurrence.

Mark A. Murphy’s first full length collection, Night-watch Man & Muse was published in November 2013 from Salmon Poetry (Eire), Murphy’s poems have been published in over 100 magazines and ezines in 17 different countries world-wide.

Jimmi Campkinis a writer and photographer currently living in the North East of England.  His work veers from warm nostalgia to dark surrealism; his influences include Iain Banks, JG Ballard, Andrei Tarkovsky, Chris Marker and the satirist Chris Morris.  He can be found at

Erric Emerson‘s work has been featured in Neon and Collage. He is currently the poetry editor for Duende literary journal.

Born in Ottawa, Canada’s glorious capital city, rob mclennan currently lives in Ottawa. The author of nearly thirty trade books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, he won the John Newlove Poetry Award in 2010, the Council for the Arts in Ottawa Mid-Career Award in 2014, and was longlisted for the CBC Poetry Prize in 2012. His most recent titles include notes and dispatches: essays (Insomniac press, 2014) and The Uncertainty Principle: stories, (Chaudiere Books, 2014), as well as the forthcoming poetry collection If suppose we are a fragment (BuschekBooks, 2014). An editor and publisher, he runs above/ground press, Chaudiere Books, The Garneau Review, seventeen seconds: a journal of poetry and poetics, Touch the Donkey and the Ottawa poetry pdf annual ottawater. He spent the 2007-8 academic year in Edmonton as writer-in-residence at the University of Alberta, and regularly posts reviews, essays, interviews and other notices at

Bizzy Coyis a writer in the wilderness of upstate New York. Her work can be seen in the current issue of Five Quarterly. She also writes advertising copy and is pumped to be co-writing a new musical.

Yoni Hammer-Kossoy has been telling stories in some form or another for as long as he can remember, although he still pays the bills as an engineer. Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, he escaped without an accent and now lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife and three kids. He tweets generally clever things at @whichofawind.


Issue One Contributors

Wyl Villacres is a human being from Chicago. He’s the senior editor for Chicago Literati, has an abrasive personality, and takes B-complex supplements. Hang out with him at

Hoyle Purvis is a newly published author from North Carolina. His end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it thriller novel, Extinction, was released last fall by Second Wind Publishing Company. A murder mystery, Death in a small Town, is set to be released in a few months. His third novel, Survival, the sequel to Extinction, is set to be released during the summer. The Street is his first short story to be published.

Thomas Mundt is the author of one short story collection, You Have Until Noon to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe (Lady Lazarus Press, 2011), and the father of two human children, Henry and Evie Mae (2011, 2013). Additional teambuilding exercises and risk management advice can be found at

Melanie Loucks is an Oklahoma girl who transplanted to Chicago who replanted in Tulsa. Melanie lives life governed by gut instinct. She still likes to pretend that she’s sitting in a chair being interviewed by Johnny Carson.

Stephanie Liden is a recent M.A. graduate from the University of North Dakota where she completed her thesis-style portfolio entitled “Americanization and Assimilation,” in which she presents a critique of popular immigration narratives in American Literature. She contributed as a reader for North Dakota Quarterlyand the student-run literary magazine Floodwall. Liden is currently living in a small Northern Minnesota town and continues to write.

Michael David Saunders Hall has been a poet for twenty-four years. Sometimes he refers to himself as the 21stCenturyGriot. Michael writes in a style he calls Experimental Abstract Realism and has a personal blog called The Voice of the Coolest Breeze (on WordPress), another entitled Vers Libre, and a poetry journal called Vox Poetica.

Lucas Graff is a spoken word artist from Nebraska. He took some time off from performing to concentrate on his education and to build his portfolio. He is looking to begin spoken word at the beginning of next season.

Sharon Flood recently retired and currently resides near Ottawa, Canada. She is working on a novella for a time travel anthology, to be published later this year.

Deirdre Coyle is mid-migration from Seattle to New York. Her writing has been published in Fwriction:Review, Zahir, Human Parts, and elsewhere. You can find her wasting her life online at or @DeirdreKoala.

Roger H. Brightley  — Writer, poet, crazy banana. South African born. East African resident. Mid thirties, mid-crisis.

Jesse Bradley is the author of the graphic poetry collection The Bones of Us(YesYes Books, 2014), with art by Adam Scott Mazer. He lives at

Caitlin Carleton Barnes, the daughter of an English professor, Caitlin Carleton Barnes grew up writing. Although she’s always written, she has rarely shared her work. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, son and their beloved pets.



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