Bernard Grant grew up in South Texas. He now lives in Washington State where he is enrolled in the Rainier Writing Workshop MFA program at Pacific Lutheran University. He is also a 2015 Jack Straw Writer. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Nervous Breakdown, The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review, Fiction Southeast, Compose, and other journals. He has been a finalist for the Charles Johnson Fiction Award.

Chelsey Clammer has been published in The RumpusAtticus Review, and The Nervous Breakdown among many others. She is the Managing Editor and Nonfiction Editor for The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, as well as a columnist and workshop instructor for the journal. Her first collection of essays, There is Nothing Else to See Here, is forthcoming from The Lit Pub, Winter 2014.



Annabelle Edwards, a young writer with that passionate spirit you only see in youth. A hard core pessimist. Poetry lover. Cat lover, specifically black cats. You can find her on tumblr under the name mysteriouswritergirl.

Allison Friske, also a young writer with a deep undying love for books and poems. Lover of all things psychology and neuro. If you meet her, she’ll probably be drinking tea and listening to music, pondering her next piece of writing. You can find her on tumblr: steeped-in-ink.

Annie Virginia is a Southern runaway with a BA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. She is known for her vigilante justice and resilience. Annie marks in her memory the cities of Italy and eastern Europe by the falls she took in each and their accompanying scars. Her plan is to earn an MFA in poetry, become a professor, and live in the woods with her partner and two dogs. Her work may be found in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, The Literary Bohemian, Broad!magazine, the first ever queer South anthology by Sibling Rivalry Press, and Cactus Heart magazine.

Raven Eckman is entering her junior year of college this coming fall. She is majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in History. Her love of books and reading encouraged her interest in writing – giving her hopes that some day she will be a published author. For now she is working hard on gaining experience in her future career field of publishing/editing while writing and reading as much as her schedule allows.




5 thoughts on “Masthead

  1. Just a question: Staff position. Hours a week? Online? Compensation? I may be interested. 30+ years education and career as writer/editor, publishing, design. I’m so interested in cleaning up the manuscripts on the market today. A crusade of mine, but I’m an author foremost. Reply if you might be interested in me, and I’ll submit all the material, above.

  2. I would be interested in doing some work for your publication, beyond the reviews I’ve done and will be doing. I have a PhD in English (literature) and would love to help out.

    I can send my CV if you would like.

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